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Mallorca Cuisine

On Mallorca, the local products and natural foods from agriculture, hunting and fishing offer the highest quality and exquisite variety. They can be enjoyed in spring, summer, autumn and winter and turn the island into a culinary paradise all year round. A delightful journey of discovery for every taste ... here you will find a small selection ...

Olives and olive oil

The green and black olives are grown on terraces surrounded by dry stone walls. The fruits are used as table olives and for the famous Mallorcan olive oil. The olives are often harvested by hand or using the traditional method of shaking the branches with a stick.

Production is subject to strict standards as regards the "Oliva de Mallorca DO" designation of origin (recognised production area). "DO Oli de Mallorca" is the designation of origin for extra virgin olive oil.

Since 2002, Mallorcan virgin olive oil has been protected by the 'Oli de Mallorca' designation of origin. It is an excellent local product made from the three authorized olive varieties mallorquina, arbequina and picual.

The high demands on the olive oil are reflected in the elaborate design and labelling of the bottles; the bottles themselves are a clear sign of excellent quality.


Mallorca offers a variety of good wines, which are greatly appreciated for their high quality. This applies to both red and white wines with the Binissalem and Pla i Llevant designations of origin and the Vi de la Terra de Mallorca, Vi de la Terra Illes Balears and Vi de la Serra Tramuntana i Costa Nord geographical designations of origin.

The vineyards in Binissalem, Consell, Sencelles, Santa Maria del Cami and Santa Eugènia, which are classified under the Denomination of Origin 'D.O. Binissalem", organise the Mallorca Wine Days in May. Wine tasting and bodega visits are combined with food, art and music.


Pork is the predominant type of meat in Mallorca and the traditional slaughter days have been part of the Mallorcan culture since ancient times. In addition to the Mallorcan trademark, the sobrasada, pork is also used to make other types of sausage, such as the typical botifarrones, camaiot sausages or longanizas, all of which are vital to many traditional dishes and celebrations.

There are two types of sobrasada: the sobrasada de Mallorca and the sobrasada de Cerdo Negro, made from the meat of the black Mallorcan pig, a pig breed native only to Mallorca, which differs from the Iberian pig both genetically and in its diet.

Sobrasada is usually eaten classically as a spread on Mallorcan bread (pan moreno). But it can also be used for cooking, for example to add flavour to stews or sauces, or even in desserts. It is often served with honey. 


The Ensaimada de Mallorca is a product of the local baking tradition and has been protected by a designation of origin since 1996 and by a geographical indication since 2003.

This delicacy is twisted clockwise into a two- or multi-row spiral, shimmering golden brown with a firm and crunchy texture. Pork lard gives it its suppleness and characteristic texture. The ensaimada is traditionally sprinkled with icing sugar. It is also available with different fillings such as pudding, chocolate, etc. 

There are ensaimadas as big as cakes or even bigger for celebrations and also smaller ensaimadas for everyday consumption, for breakfast or as a snack.

Ensaimadas can be found in all pastry shops, bakeries and cafés on Mallorca. 

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