Almond blossom in Andratx

When does the almond blossom in Andratx start this year? This is the question that many property owners in the municipality of Andratx wonder about every year.

In northern Europe, the winter is currently still firmly in control of nature. The last few weeks in particular have brought a lot of snow and icy conditions. While one is busy in the north with the question when spring finally appears, here on Mallorca it is about the beginning of the almond blossom.

On Mallorca the spring actually starts right after the summer. Because after the long lasting summer heat the withered fauna begins to grow again after the first rainfalls everywhere fresh buds sprout again. The dust-dry soil in the almond groves changes within a few days into lush green meadows with many colourful flowers. But with the beginning of the almond blossom, nature really takes off again.

Due to the very heavy rainfalls this winter, for the first time in years there is more than enough water on Mallorca and now at the end of January the almond blossom in Andratx is about to start. Although the cold and snowfall in Andratx have delayed the almond blossom a little, the first isolated almond blossoms have been visible for a few days now. With the temperatures now rising again, the almond blossom in Andratx will again be an event worth seeing in 2017. From mid-February the almond trees should be in full bloom between Andratx and Port Andratx and of course also in the valleys of S'Aracco and Sa Coma.

See almond blossoms and real estate
Sun, lush green, pleasant temperatures and the almond blossom in Andratx. So, like every year, there are plenty of good reasons to get on the plane and come to Andratx. Not quite convinced yet? You are right! Of course, it's your own property in Andratx that makes the whole thing "complete".

Now, about the almond blossom we can sometimes only marvel, but the real estate market in the municipality of Andratx has been our passion for 10 years. Avoid surprises and talk to us about properties in Andratx right now! We look forward to hearing from you.

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