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Sol de Mallorca - mail is not being delivered anymore!

Sol de Mallorca - mail is not being delivered anymore!
In Sol de Mallorca, there are also problems with the mail. In the middle of the summer of last year, the owners of villas in Sol de Mallorca got the information out of the blue that they would no longer be supplied with mail. The large apartment complexes in Sol de Mallorca were served just like before, the owners of the villas in Sol de Mallorca, however, were not so lucky. The mail has been collected since then in the respective post office in Palmanova and could be picked up there by the property owners of Sol de Mallorca, or an appropriately authorized person. However, it was not really clearly communicated that the mail collected there was returned to the sender after 14 days. Property owners in Sol de Mallorca who are not constantly on site may might miss important correspondence.

Collective mailboxes in Sol de Mallorca
For the owners of properties in Sol de Mallorca who would like to have their newspaper forwarded on holiday, for example, only the morning journey to the post office of Palmanova remains until further notice.

Registered mail and parcels are still delivered.

As an owner of a villa in Sol de Mallorca one could make an application for the installation of collective letter boxes. These applications had to be submitted to the Calviá  town hall or to one of the external offices.

After almost half a year has passed now, the residents and owners of Sol de Mallorca have been informed today that the installation of letterboxes has been approved and will be established in the near future at the playground in Sol de Mallorca. One is curious, how long the owners of properties in Sol de Mallorca still have to wait for this to happen.

This problem does not only concern owners of properties in Sol de Mallorca, but also owners of properties in Sa Porassa, villas in Costa d'en Blanes and Badia de Palma as well as in Castell de Bendinat and owners of properties in Costa de la Calma.

Luxury Estates Mallorca is personally affected in Sol de Mallorca as well and therefore well informed. Please contact us for further information.