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Luxury Estates Mallorca ® is an owner-managed real estate agency based in the south-west of Mallorca. Founded in 2012, the estate agency is now the exclusive representative of Christie's International Real Estate in Mallorca. The offices of Luxury Estates Mallorca - Christie's International Real Estate are located directly in the town centres of Puerto de Andratx and Portals Nous. There are currently 7 employees working for the company, which regularly has over 300 properties on offer. Luxury Estates Mallorca is a real estate agent for luxury properties on Mallorca, but with a focus on the south-west of the island. This is where the company was founded and where its expertise lies when it comes to properties in the southwest of Mallorca.

Why Luxury Estates Mallorca?

Today many "agents" offer their services on Mallorca, without having an office or a traceable address. As a rule, these so-called "mobile phone brokers" only have basic knowledge of the market and are not familiar with local property or construction law. In the vast majority of cases, these agents can only offer properties through cooperations with established agents, as they do not have direct sales orders from their customers. What counts for these "knights of fortune" is a quick deal at any price.

If you want to buy or sell properties in Mallorca, you should contact a verifiable, established real estate agent. The best thing is to contact us right away!

"After the purchase is before the sale"

After the notary appointment, an important part of our work starts for us. We take over the registration with the municipality, the service providers, telephone, etc. We organize furniture deliveries, craftsmen and housekeepers. In most cases, we still hold a key for the owner years after the purchase. After all, it is always good to have someone on site who is always available in an emergency. The clients who are satisfied with us are guaranteed to instruct us again when they would like to sell. This is our goal: Happy customers!

Already in 2007, the state-approved certified structural engineer Patrick Pawlowski and current owner of Luxury Estates Mallorca started to work as a real estate agent in the southwest of Mallorca. His qualifications in the construction sector and the "German thoroughness" with which he looked after his customers - often perceived as annoying here in Spain - quickly led to success. The opening of his own real estate agency in Port d'Andratx was the logical consequence.

In 2010, Patrick Pawlowski founded Kensington Finest Properties Andratx together with partners and opened a real estate agency in Puerto de Andratx. In 2012, the company Luxury Estates Mallorca was founded to take over the business and the existing office of Kensington Finest Properties. The separation from Kensington Properties took place at the beginning of 2015. With the renaming of the now established and very successful real estate agency in the pedestrian zone of Puerto de Andratx to Luxury Estates Mallorca, it was also registered as a protected trademark Luxury Estates Mallorca ®. At the beginning of 2019, Luxury Estates Mallorca opened another real estate office in Santa Ponsa on Mallorca, which was closed again after 2 years due to the unclear market situation in connection with COVID-19. Since mid-2021, Luxury Estates Mallorca ® has been the exclusive representative of CHRISTIE'S INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE in Mallorca. In spring 2022, another office was opened in the centre of Portals Nous to re-establish the presence with 2 offices in the southwest of Mallorca. 

As an owner-managed real estate agent on Mallorca with an office in the property hotspot Puerto de Andratx for more than 10 years, Luxury Estates Mallorca ® | CHRISTIE'S INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE is one of the most renowned real estate companies on Mallorca today.

Luxury Estates Mallorca is managed by founder and owner Patrick Pawlowski. In addition to his qualification as an industrial electronics technician, Patrick Pawlowski is also a state-certified structural engineer in Germany. After training and studying electrical engineering, he ran a small company for interior finishing and then moved on to a nationwide operating architectural office as a construction and project manager.

Although all signs pointed in the direction of electrical engineering, the topics of construction and real estate ultimately sparked Patrick Pawlowski's greater passion.

Patrick Pawlowski has 18 years of valuable experience as a real estate agent in the southwest of Mallorca and has a grown network of service providers on Mallorca at his disposal. The southwest of Mallorca is a "village". Anyone who wants to exist here as a real estate agent must work consistently and trustingly with lawyers, tax consultants, architects and notaries. Today, all clients of Luxury Estates Mallorca benefit from these experiences and contacts when it comes to marketing of properties in the southwest of Mallorca.

Luxury Estates Mallorca is a Spanish company based in Mallorca. The owner Patrick Pawlowski has not only worked as a real estate agent in the southwest of Mallorca, but he also lived in Port Andratx and the village of Andratx before he moved to Sol de Mallorca. He therefore knows the entire municipality of Andratx and the southwest of Mallorca like hardly any other real estate agent in the southwest. His clear focus on the southwest of Mallorca, his many years of experience and his perseverance make the difference. This continuity can also be found among the employees, who can also look back on many years of experience in the southwest.

From the very beginning, Patrick Pawlowski has been operating the real estate business in a future-oriented manner. He lives here with his family. His children were born on Mallorca and they go to school here.

"We have come to stay! “

It was a long way to be respected and taken seriously in the "village" of Mallorca within the circle of business partners in a persistent and lasting way. In order to continue to live up to the trust placed in us today, Luxury Estates Mallorca expects the same attitude from all its employees in their contact with customers and business partners:

  • Discretion
  • Respectful handling
  • Reliability
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Persistence
  • Innovative thinking
  • Team spirit

These values are the base of Luxury Estates Mallorca's business philosophy as a real estate agency in the southwest of Mallorca.

Luxury Estates Mallorca your first choice as a real estate agent in the Southwest of Mallorca

  • Luxury Estates Mallorca is an owner-managed company: Unlike in franchise companies, Patrick Pawlowski personally manages the day-to-day business as founder, main shareholder and managing director. The co-partner Andrea Berchtold is also involved in the day-to-day business and ensures that our customers are and remain a top-priority every day. Each of our clients can communicate directly with our partners at any time in our offices.
  • Luxury Estates Mallorca is a long-standing local expert in the southwest of Mallorca: Our competence as a real estate agent in the southwest of Mallorca is based on many years of experience. Many of the properties that are for sale today, we have known since the  planning phase or have already marketed them once. Our customers can rely on our many years of professional experience in the southwest and our detailed knowledge of the market. We know what we are talking about.
  • Luxury Estates Mallorca offers a selected real estate portfolio: Due to the constant presence as a real estate agent in the southwest of Mallorca, the comprehensible success and the constantly growing circle of happy customers, Luxury Estates Mallorca is of course the direct contact for owners who want to sell their property. For this reason, we have been able to build one of the largest portfolios of properties for sale, particularly in the Andratx region. We offer selected properties in the southwest exclusively. .
  • Luxury Estates Mallorca - SERVICE even after purchase

The Team

The international team of Luxury Estates Mallorca comes from 5 different nations. 9 different personalities with very individual CVs, some of whom have been living and working in Mallorca for 25 years.

Through our many years of experience in the brokerage of real estate in the southwest of Mallorca, we can offer detailed knowledge of the real estate market.


Office in Port Andratx

Luxury Estates Mallorca... owner-managed real estate agency in Port Andratx. Already 13 years ago Patrick Pawlowski started to work as a real estate agent in Puerto de Andratx. Today he is one of the few people who have been working as a real estate agent in Puerto Andratx for so long. This experience and perseverance make the difference.


Office in Santa Ponsa

Luxury Estates Mallorca... also represented with a real estate office in Santa Ponsa. As a real estate agent in Santa Ponsa we operate an office in Nova Santa Ponsa. As agents in Santa Ponsa we are local specialists for properties in Santa Ponsa and surroundings.

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