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International Music Festival of Deià

In the middle of May, the 41st edition of the annual music festival "Festival Internacional de Música de Deià" began in Mallorca's mountain village of Deià. Until the 19 September, a total of 20 classical concerts will be held every Thursday. The venue is the Son Marroig Estate in Deià. This finca offers the perfect ambience for this. For lovers of classical music, the International Music Festival in Deià is an absolute highlight. One of the special features of the Deià Music Festival is that its participating artists come from very different corners of the world and cover the most diverse musical styles: It started with two Japanese, with classical music on piano and guitar. The next concert will take place on the 16th of May, then there will be a tango night on the estate. All concerts in the course of the Deià Music Festival cost 20 euros admission, it is recommended to book in advance.

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About the story: The festival enters its 41st season. It was founded in 1978 by Patrick Meadows, who died on 22 April 2017 after a serious illness at the age of 82. The American, who settled in Mallorca at the beginning of the 1970s, founded the festival at that time in the form of table music for sunset in Son Marroig. In 2008 he handed over the leadership to the pianist and conductor Alfredo Oyágüez Montero. He completed his studies at Yale University in 1994 with a Master of Music degree in piano playing.

He is currently a professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Las Islas Baleares, where he is in charge of the orchestral programme. He has been artistic director of the International Music Festival in Deià since 2000 and director of the Ciclo de Conciertos de la Fundacion March in Palma since 2004.