Apartment complexes in the southwest of Majorca
Apartment complexes and terraced houses

Apartment complexes in the southwest of Mallorca

If you are interested in an apartment complex or a residential complex of terraced houses in the southwest of Mallorca, you will find the information about the most popular residential complexes in Mallorca here. 

Which apartment complex in the southwest of Mallorca is the right one for me and my needs? Where are the residential complexes? What are the names of the well-known residences in the towns of Puerto de Andratx, Camp de Mar or Santa Ponsa? 

We don't want to present only individual apartments, detached from their direct environment. In our opinion, the condition, the layout and above all the location of a residential complex on Mallorca are very important criteria. Each apartment and each terraced house has to be evaluated always regarding the background of the respective housing estate. Therefore, here you will find an overview of the most popular apartment complexes in Port Andratx, Santa Ponsa and Camp de Mar. 

We offer a large selection of apartments & townhouses in Puerto de Andratx, Camp de Mar and Santa Ponsa for sale. We know the residential complexes in detail and we will gladly advise you in your search for apartments & houses throughout the southwest of the island of Mallorca.

Apartment complexes in Puerto de Andratx

The first apartment complexes in Puerto de Andratx were built in 1972 on the hill "Puig de S'Espart". Until today, many of the old apartment complexes are very popular in the whole harbour village because they were mainly built in the best locations. Of course, also in Port Andratx, new residential complexes have been built continuously. Above all, new technical possibilities have created some truly unique apartment complexes in Port Andratx. In Port Andratx, apartment complexes are usually characterised by their location on steep hillsides.

In Puerto de Andratx apartments therefore usually offer unique and unobstructable sea or harbour views.

Apartment complexes in Puerto Andratx

Residential complexes in Santa Ponsa

Also in Santa Ponsa sea view locations had already been developed in the 1970's and apartment complexes were built. Due to the rather flat topography in comparison to Port Andratx, however, increasingly larger complexes were built on the almost flat plots in Santa Ponsa. These residential complexes in Santa Ponsa are characterized by their often very ample gardens with elaborately designed pool areas. Many apartment complexes in Santa Ponsa have also been built directly at the golf courses.

Usually, residential complexes in Santa Ponsa offer a lot of sun all year round, as there are no steep hills to limit the hours of sunshine.

Apartment complexes in Santa Ponsa

Apartment complexes in Camp de Mar

In Camp de Mar, apartment complexes and terraced houses are more or less in balance. Apartment complexes in Camp de Mar are rather close to the sea, while the complexes with terraced houses are all located directly at the well-known golf course "Golf d'Andratx". The apartment complex "Torre Camp de Mar" was recently completed directly at the sandy beach of Camp de Mar. In the immediate vicinity, a residential complex with terraced houses was built almost simultaneously directly at the golf course. These two residential complexes are the most recent in the municipality of Andratx.

Above all, the many small "golf houses" in the complexes on the fairways in Camp de Mar characterise the small town.

Apartment complexes in Camp de Mar

Apartment complexes southwest Mallorca

Let us advise you!

We offer a widespread selection of apartment complexes in Puerto de Andratx, Camp de Mar and Santa Ponsa in the southwest of Mallorca. We know all residential complexes and the properties on offer and are in direct contact with the owners. Take advantage of our local knowledge and find the apartment complex in Puerto Andratx, Camp de Mar or Santa Ponsa and surroundings that will meet your requirements. 

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