Salt des Freu

Excursion Es Salt des Freu

When you think of Mallorca, it is hard to imagine a waterfall in the heart of a dense oak forest. But this is exactly what awaits you on the excursion to Es Salt des Freu, very close to the town of Orient. Es Salt des Freu consists of several impressive natural waterfalls. These emerge from coloured rocks and flow into turquoise and emerald green streams. One of the most unique places in Mallorca.

Access to Es Salt des Freu is easy and also suitable for children and less experienced hikers. It is one of the most popular excursion destinations for Mallorcans. The perfect time for this excursion is between October and April or after heavy rainfall. The more water the torrent carries, the more spectacular the waterfalls are.

How do you get to Es Salt des Freu?

The quickest and easiest way starts on the MA-2100 road from Bunyola to Orient, more precisely at km 8.5. When you reach this point, leave the car on the same side of the road. The route begins at a sign saying Santa Maria 2h 40min.

Leave early to make parking easier. After 11 am it becomes more difficult to find a parking space nearby, especially on holidays, weekends or after heavy rainfall, as the waterfall attracts many visitors.

From the starting point of the excursion to the waterfalls Es Salt des Freu you need about 25 minutes. The first section is on a stone path with views of the Oriental Valley and the Sierra de Alfabia. You will reach a barrier which you can cross by means of a small staircase. From here the path becomes a little damp and muddy. After a while you will reach another barrier, from which you can already see the riverbed of the torrent. Attention: Here you can get wet feet when crossing, so please wear waterproof shoes.

Now you are only a few minutes away from the highest waterfall of this excursion. Finally, you reach a crossroads, here you turn right, the path to Es Salt des Freu is marked with signs. In the meantime you have reached the middle of the forest. A path is leading down, so that you can enjoy a view of the waterfall from above and also from below. If you are lucky, you will also see one or two climbers rappelling down the waterfall. If you want, you can now find a corner for a picnic. The way back from the waterfall is the same route.

In a nutshell, this is one of the excursions that are an absolute "must" in Mallorca, ideal for families. The hike takes you through a beautiful landscape and it is not very complicated and not too time consuming.

Key facts of the excursion

  • Starting point: km 8,5 of the road from Bunyola to Orient (access next to the sign --> Santa Maria)
  • Duration: one way about 25 minutes
  • Difficulty: very easy, ideal for the whole family
  • Parking: There are no parking spaces, you can park at the roadside. It is better to start early to make parking easier.
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