Tren de Soller

The red lightning - Ferrocarril de Sóller

This historic train connects the island's capital Palma with the idyllic town of Sóller and is popular with residents and tourists alike. Because this almost one-hour trip is probably the most beautiful way to discover the Serra de Tramuntana at a leisurely pace.

The starting point of the tour is in the centre of Palma at the Plaza España. There, the historical train has its own little station where one can also buy the tickets directly. Afterwards, one can still get on in Son Sardina, there is a park & ride place. The route leads through an idyllic landscape with lemon and orange groves. There are 13 tunnels and the 52 meter long Es Cinc Ponts viaduct. There is a short break at the Mirador Pujol de'n Banya viewpoint, perfect for some sectacular photos. The rather leisurely pace at which the Tren de Sóller travels its 27 km route, overcoming a few metres of altitude difference, is always an invitation to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

After a walk or a visit to a restaurant in the beautiful town of Sóller, it is advisable to take the equally historic tram (tranvía de Sóller) to the port, Port de Sóller.

The current departure times of the train, prices and further information can be found here:

Historical facts about the Tren de Sóller

Since 1912 the railway line between Palma and Sóller has been operated by the private company "Ferrocarril de Sóller". The inhabitants of Sóller had joined forces to finance the train connection. At that time it was still very difficult to get from Sóller to Palma and the transport of the oranges, which were famous for the valley, proved to be extremely difficult - one had the choice of going by sea or on foot and was on the move for several days. For this purpose, a limited company was set up, which still exists today. At the same time as the railway line was built, work began on the tram line from Sóller to Port de Sóller (Tranvía de Sóller).

Today, of course, the railway is no longer used for agricultural transport, but mainly for tourism. The narrow tracks, over which the wooden train rumbles, make the trip with the historical train a very special experience. Of course, the train is no longer driven by steam, but electrically since the end of the thirties. The nostalgic appearance, however, with its wooden panelling and brass handles, has been preserved to this day.

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