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Schools in Mallorca

Are you thinking about moving your life to Mallorca? And do you have school-aged children? Then, of course, the question of the right school for the offspring is one of your top priorities.

Here in Mallorca, there are different possibilities when it comes to school education. All children between 6 and 16 years of age living in Spain are required to attend school. However, most children here already start pre-school at the age of 3 or 4. The Spanish Escoleta (crèche) already accepts children as young as a few months.

Which school is best for your children also depends on how long you want to stay on the island. Is it only a career step for a couple of years or do you intend to stay until your children have finished school? Do you put your focus on multilinguality, or "only" on a good final degree, as the business training or university studies after school will take place outside Spain anyway?

There are three different school systems in Mallorca:

State schools can be found in almost every village on the island, but the quality can vary greatly. The lessons take place mainly in Catalan. Spanish is the second language and English lessons often leave a lot to be desired. Other languages are not offered at all. The Spanish teaching methods are also more about reproducing and memorizing; independent and critical thinking is rather neglected.

The semi-private schools (Concertados) are often run by religious orders and the quality of teaching is better than in the public schools. The schools are very large (over 1000 pupils), but the school fees are reasonable and the share of Catalan is not as high as in the state schools. A good option for a good education and perfect integration into Spanish and Mallorcan life.

The private schools ("international schools") usually follow the British curriculum. There is also a German, French and a Scandinavian school. Here the students really learn in a multicultural environment and different languages are offered. However, English is almost always the main language. How much Spanish is taught depends on the school. The risk exists that Spanish is being neglected. Therefore, the international schools could be seen like a "bubble" because they are not well integrated into Mallorcan life. The school fees can vary between 350 and 1000 EUR per month, depending on the school and the age of the children.

At the private schools, different degrees can be obtained, such as the IGCSE, A Levels, the IB (International Baccalaureate) and the Spanish Selectividad. Most of these private international schools can be found in the southwest of the island as far as Palma.

Each child is different - the Spanish say "Every child is a world"

... so not every school is right for every child. We won't deliver detailed descriptions of the different schools here. Make an appointment and decide together with your children.

Not exhaustive

Below you will find a list of the private schools in Mallorca

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