Properties in Mallorca's Southwest - Lifestyle product and good investment

Buying properties in Mallorca's southwest still makes a lot of sense considering the high intrinsic value of Mallorca's properties. Properties in Mallorca's southwest have been a safe investment for years.

The situation of the Spanish mainland, which is partly heavily affected by the real estate crisis, and the resulting current prices for holiday properties in Spain have nothing to do with the situation on Mallorca.

The whole southwest of the island of Mallorca does not have to deal with an oversupply of Mallorca properties for sale due to the only limited possibilities of further development in attractive locations. Quite the opposite: the continuing international demand for luxury real estate in Mallorca's southwest has been greater than the supply for years. The current interest rate policy and the ongoing discussion about the Euro play a major role here.

Above all, the demand for new villas and apartments is very high, but the supply of apartments is very limited. The high demand for modern real estate in Mallorca's southwest in prime locations is generally difficult to meet due to the limited availability of vacant building plots.

Why do you buy a fancy sports car?

Because it is fun driving it! Apart from its function as a pure financial investment, properties in Mallorca's southwest are also a lot of fun. Properties in Mallorca's southwest are primarily also a lifestyle product. In contrast to the sports car, the loss in value is not pre-programmed.

Properties in Mallorca's southwest are therefore basically a good choice. Whether it is a modern new villa with sea views, a family villa on a golf course or a penthouse with sea views, we at LUXURY ESTATES MALLORCA will be happy to advise you personally to help you make the right choice. The pleasure of buying your property in Mallorca's southwest should be long lasting.

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