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XV. Rally Isla Mallorca

The Classic Rally Isla Mallorca is an event that has been held for 14 years on this unique Mediterranean island the second weekend of March.

150 experts are in charge of the organization of the event, including all logistics, time registration and, above all, security. This special rally combines competition and fun to perfection.

Drivers from all over Europe take part in this rally every year, more than 90% of whom are "repeat offenders". This high repetition rate of rally drivers is undoubtedly due to the high quality and fun that drivers can experience here year after year.

Today this event has positioned itself among the top 5 events of the year in Mallorca, among others such events as the King's Cup or the Mallorca Open - WTA Tennis Tournament. This shows that it is not only a motor sport event, but also a major sporting and social event that brings together local and international participants from all across the world.