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Tips for your property search on Mallorca

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Property search on Mallorca

Of course, every region in Mallorca has its own special advantages. If one regards the purchase of a property on Mallorca primarily as an investment, however, the choice of the right location will very quickly be reduced to a few locations.

The southwest of the island of Mallorca as a real estate location has always been an exception in this context. The very good general infrastructure and the proximity to Palma make this part of Mallorca particularly attractive for buyers of properties.

Of course, the price level is higher than in remote areas of the island, but the good location also pays off in a future resale.

Let us introduce you to Mallorca's most exclusive homes. Although Christie’s International Real Estate is a global network it draws on the experience, talent and skills of our local expertise on the balearic island of Mallorca. The combination of these two concepts make us stand out from the others. We focus on luxury residential real estate and holiday homes and offer you the tailored, trusted service that Christie's discerning clients have depended on for more than 250 years.

Buying a property on Mallorca

If you would like to buy a property on Mallorca, then can we help you with the selection. We know all properties for sale in the southwest of Majorca and can advise you individually according to your specifications. If you have decided to buy a property in Mallorca, then we will proceed as follows:

  • Negotiations with the owner
  • Mediation of legal assistance, if desired
  • Arrangement of mortgages with our partner banks or obtaining mortgage offers
  • Mediation of experts, if desired
  • Complete cost statement for the acquisition of the property
  • Preparation of purchase, option or reservation contracts in the relevant languages
  • Checking the current extracts from the land register
  • Applying for a Spanish Tax Number (NIE)
  • Preparation for the notarial procedure - Planning of the notarial appointment
  • Obtaining information on building regulations and municipal building conditions, in particular in the case of interest in purchasing a plot or a property for refurbishment.

If you have acquired your Mallorca property, some registrations with suppliers and authorities will be necessary.

We will be taking care of:

  • Registration of water, electricity, telephone, gas, etc. on your behalf
  • Registration of property tax and rubbish fees in your name
  • Setting up standing orders with your local bank

Of course we have a grown network of reliable companies on Mallorca.

Often we are asked for recommendations for the following industries:

  • Attorneys & tax consultants
  • Experts & insurances
  • Construction companies & craftsmen of all kinds
  • Decorators, furniture stores & kitchen studios
  • Gardeners & housekeepers
The Southwest of Mallorca

Andratx · Santa Ponsa · Sol de Mallorca

As an estate agent in Mallorca with an office in Port Andratx and Santa Ponsa we are specializing in real estate around the natural harbour of Puerto de Andratx and the southwest of the island Mallorca. We provide a comprehensive range of properties in the municipalities of Andratx and Calvia. The most famous places in the southwest are Andratx with Port Andratx, Camp de Mar and San Telmo as well as in the municipality of Calvia, the name-giving place, Santa Ponsa, Costa de la Calma, Cala Vinyas and Sol de Mallorca. Due to our many years of experience and presence especially in the real estate market of the municipality of Andratx, we can now present one of the largest portfolios of luxury properties for sale in the municipality of Andratx.

Our know-how in connection with our office in the centre of Puerto de Andratx has made us one of the most important contacts for owners and buyers of luxury properties in Andratx over the past 10 years.

From our offices in Port Andratx and Santa Ponsa we are marketing properties in the southwest of the island Mallorca. We live here with our families, we are familiar with the area! Benefit from our excellent knowledge of the local real estate market in the southwest of Mallorca. Contact us!


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