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Energy certificate on Mallorca

(certificado de eficiencia energética)

The energy certificate must be presented whenever a property is offered for sale or rent on the market. It is not sufficient to present it only when the purchase or rental contract is concluded. Often this certificate is requested only then or the owners become aware that they now need an energy certificate.

The aim of the energy certificate is to improve the energy balance of buildings through optimal insulation. The EU Directive 2002/91/EU was implemented in Spain in 2007 (RD 47/2007), but initially only applied to new buildings. This was the first time that the energy certificate (certificado de eficiencia energética) was introduced. 

In June 2013 a royal decree (RD 235/2013) came into force in Spain, which transposed the EU Directive into Spanish law. As a result of this new legal regulation, not only new buildings but also existing buildings must now present an energy certificate.

The basic idea of the law is to create regulations for real estate comparable to those already in place for refrigerators and televisions, that is to introduce energy classes from A to G. This will provide buyers and tenants with objective data that clearly shows them the energy consumption of their desired property.

Where and how can I apply for the energy certificate?

To obtain an energy certificate, the owner/landlord must have his house or flat inspected by a technician (architect or engineer) authorised to issue the energy certificate for the following aspects: Insulation, ventilation, orientation/position, ventilation system, existence of solar heating, solar shading, heating system, air conditioning and lighting This will then indicate the efficiency level between A and G of the property. In addition, non-binding recommendations for optimising energy consumption are given. The costs for the inspection are very reasonable, depending on the size of the property.

The energy certificate must then be entered in the appropriate register. In Mallorca this can only be done online since April 2018, This authority also issues the energy label with the classification in the corresponding category. The certificate is valid for ten years.

The regional government has compiled all the necessary information on its website (, including a list of all registered experts. This website also provides access to the relevant public register, so that every citizen can find out whether a particular building has the energy certificate or not.

Luxury property and energy efficiency

Of course, the energy efficiency class is always a criterion when buying a property, but location, design and "gut feeling" often play the main role in luxury properties. For you as the owner or potential buyer of a property it is only important to know that this certificate must be available as soon as you offer your property for sale and - if you do not yet have an energy certificate - to know how to obtain one.

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