Tips for selling properties on Mallorca
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Tips for selling properties on Mallorca

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Selling in the Southwest

Port Andratx is one of the most sought-after and expensive residential areas in Spain and of course on the Balearic Islands. With an average price of 2,422 euros per square metre for real estate in Port Andratx (source TINSA), the municipality ranks third after Sitges and Calvià in the list of the most expensive residences in Spain. In many cases, however, these average prices can be even higher.

The municipality of Andratx has approximately 10,000 inhabitants, who are spread between Port Andratx directly at the sea and the village of Andratx a little further inland. There are currently 690 moorings in Puerto Andratx, yachts up to a length of 35 metres can moor here. The bay of Andratx is a natural harbour and the marina of Port Andratx offers a wonderful view. The Tramuntana mountains surround the picturesque harbour town.


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"A picture says more than a thousand words ..."

This is how we present your property on Mallorca

Selling Mallorca properties

Experience makes the difference

Of course, today the presentation of Mallorca properties on the internet plays a big role in international marketing. However, we also see a certain risk that the exclusivity of the offers will suffer if properties on Mallorca are offered today on countless websites with poor photos just like beauty products in the online shop. A holiday property on Mallorca is primarily a dream home, which can not be described just with words. But good property photos make you want to know more. In the end, it is only the personal viewing of the property, which makes it possible for a prospective buyer to perceive the property with all senses. With the marketing of your property on Mallorca we have to understand potential prospective buyers and make the right pre-selection. Naturally, this is only possible with comprehensive knowledge of the place and the property and a good portion of knowledge of human nature. It is not our aim to organize viewing marathons in the hope of possibly landing a match at the end. We will visit less, but with qualified prospective clients.
We are convinced that selling Mallorca properties will also work differently. We are happy to advise you personally.

Put your property sale in trusted hands

Expertise and knowledge are required to complete the sales process. We are at your side with all our experience both in the sales process and regarding your legal obligations as a seller. According to our motto "consulting is our top priority", you will always be looked after by the owners of LUXURY ESTATES MALLORCA. For 13 years now we have demonstrated that we know how to sell properties in Mallorca. Until the end of 2014 as franchisee of Kensington Finest Properties International in Port Andratx and since then with the approved team in the same place under our own name - Luxury Estates Mallorca.

We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you as soon as possible.