Corona Virus in Majorca
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Information about the Corona Virus in Majorca

With the spread of the corona virus in Europe, the Spanish government has also taken measures to contain the number of infections. A Royal Decree (RD 463/2020) has been adopted, declaring a state of national alert, which remained in force until the end of June. You can find the most recent publications of the Spanish state here: Boletín Oficial del Estado.

Corona on Mallorca: Current restrictions (Last update: 11.12.2020)

Entry to Mallorca
When entering Mallorca, a questionnaire must be filled in, which generates a QR code. The questionnaire, the so-called Passenger Location Card, can be filled in online via the portal "Spain Travel Health" ( of the Spanish Ministry of Health, or via the app "SpTH". Each traveller must have his own QR code. They must provide their name, passport or ID card number, flight number, date of arrival and e-mail address. Questions about health must also be answered. On entry, the temperature is measured and signs of illness are checked.
Similarly, from 23.11.2020, anyone entering Spain from a risk area must show a negative PCR test. You can find out which countries are classified as risk areas here:

Masks are obligatory in Mallorca
Since the beginning of July there has been a general obligation to wear masks outside the home in Mallorca. Violations are punishable by fines. The exceptions are on beaches and at the pool. There you are allowed to do without mouth and nose protection. Those who do sports or eat or drink something in a restaurant do not have to wear a mask.

Restricted hours in Mallorca
On Mallorca there is a night curfew from 22 - 6 o'clock. In exceptional circumstances, may leave the house during this period, for:

  • the purchase of medicines, medical products and basic necessities
  • urgently necessary visits to the veterinarian
  • compliance with professional, business and institutional or legal obligations
  • return to the place of residence following authorized activities
  • support for elderly, underage, disabled or dependent persons
  • due to force majeure or necessity
  • to visit service stations where this is necessary for carrying out the activities referred to in the preceding paragraphs

Restaurant visits on Mallorca
All restaurants and bars must close at 1 am at the latest, and the last guests may arrive at midnight. The minimum distance between tables and at the bar of 1.5 metres must be ensured. The maximum number of 6 people at one table must not be exceeded. The restaurant may only be occupied to a maximum of 50% of its capacity. For small restaurants the limit is a maximum of 50 visitors or 75%.

Party and nightlife in Mallorca
Discos and night bars remain closed. Pool parties and night drinking are prohibited and are subject to increased police surveillance. Concerts or other events such as vernissages must be approved by the respective autonomous governments. Meetings of any kind in private or public areas should not bring together more than ten people and party boats are not allowed to leave.

Smoking in Mallorca
There is now a general ban on smoking in public places, although the safety distance of two metres can be maintained. The terraces of street cafés also apply.

Sport in Mallorca
Competitions in sports where people can touch each other are prohibited until 1 October. Training is allowed if nobody touches each other. Individual sports such as cycling are permitted.

Beaches in Mallorca
All beaches are closed between 9 pm in the evening and 7 am and are controlled by the police.

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