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Information about the Corona Virus in Majorca

With the spread of the corona virus in Europe, the Spanish government has also taken measures to contain the number of infections. A Royal Decree (RD 463/2020) has been adopted, declaring a state of national alert. You can find the most recent publications of the Spanish state here: Boletín Oficial del Estado. For the time being, this state of alert is only valid until the 11th of April 2020. An extension requires a renewed approval of the parliament. The central government in Madrid thus has extensive powers. Above all, the government - of the very decentrally organised Spanish state - has thus gained the possibility to exercise direct control over the autonomous regions. The government in Madrid is therefore able to issue uniform rules and regulations directly for the whole country.

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Due to the current situation our offices are also closed at the moment. You can still reach us as usual via the known telephone numbers and of course via email. As we work in a cloud based environment, we always have access to all necessary information and documents for our customers. Do you have specific questions about the Corona Virus on Mallorca?

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News on the topic: Corona on Mallorca

By decree, large parts of public and economic life were initially paralysed in order to significantly reduce the number of new infections with the "corona virus" - SARS-CoV2 - and the lung disease Covid19 caused by the virus.


Mallorca is in the so-called "Phase 1"

After weeks of house arrest, you can move around again more or less unhindered. Bars, restaurants and hotels could open with restrictions, but most of them have renounced to do so. The regulations are too confusing and partly contradictory and the guests are missing.
In principle, you have to get daily new information in Mallorca. After last week a quarantine was imposed overnight for all those entering the island, even many residents willing to return stay away from the island.

At the moment, the official announcement in the Official Newspaper is expected, which prescribes the wearing of masks in all public and private areas, if the minimum distance of 2 m cannot be kept (e.g. restaurant or supermarket). 

The current regulations on sports and walking are location-dependent and will be changed again in the next few days.

It takes a lot of getting used to the ubiquitous uncertainty and the uncertainty to be noticed at the next police control.

On the weekend, while mountain biking within the time window allowed for this, we were met by the police with an off-road vehicle in the middle of the forest. The policemen benevolently took note that we were moving towards the village 10 minutes before the end of the permitted "sports window". At that time the forest between Costa d'en Blanes and Son Vida was full of "sportsmen" as never before...

What concerns us all is the question of when to visit Mallorca again, without which the trip becomes a "gauntlet run". As the hopelessly divided, left-wing government alliance has not yet reached agreement on this point, it is difficult to make predictions at the moment. Thus, almost daily the most different ministries can be quoted by the press on this topic, even if the topic of travel restrictions and tourism does not fall into the respective area of responsibility.

At the moment it looks as if travel to Mallorca will be possible again at the end of June. However, one will only know for sure when the time comes. 

We will reopen our main office in Santa Ponsa from next week on, just to bring back some normality.

Today 6 weeks under house arrest have already passed. Except supermarkets all shops are still closed, the same applies to the gastronomy. The initial expressions of sympathy by the citizens, who had expressed their support for the measures and the commitment of the medical staff with applause on balconies and open windows every evening, have partly turned into open protests. There is no longer clapping, now people are banging on pots and pans.

Last Wednesday, the Spanish Parliament approved a further extension of the state of alert until 9 May. Once again, the government alliance, which is now at loggerheads, only managed to get the extension approved with the opposition's votes. The government, which is now also under legal pressure because of its actions, is apparently more concerned with polishing its own image than with setting up a coordinated crisis management.

Yesterday, for the first time since the state of alert was declared, children under the age of 14 were allowed to take to the streets for one hour. Starting next weekend, outdoor sports (alone) and walks by families are planned.

There is no concrete information on the possible reopening of the facilities that have been closed so far. In the next few days, the first plans outlining the gradual dismantling of the exemptions will be announced. How the entry to Mallorca of non-residents from other European countries will continue is not yet foreseeable. Of course it goes without saying that this will not happen before a fundamental "release" of the Spanish citizens.

Since Monday the 13/04/ the same regulations as during the first two weeks of the state of alarm are valid again on Mallorca. The curfew is still in effect for all those who are not on their way to work, the supermarket, the doctor or a pharmacy. All shops that do not sell food as well as restaurants are still closed.

The ban on work for all non-systemically relevant businesses has been lifted again. New since Monday, however, is a general obligation to wear a mask for all workers in Mallorca. Although this regulation only applies, if a minimum distance of 2 m cannot be maintained at the workplace. In practice this safety distance can hardly be guaranteed permanently. Yet masks, gloves and hand sanitisers are still hard to get hold of and completely overpriced.

Our offices will therefore remain closed. As we work cloud-based anyway, we are still available for you without any restrictions.

4 weeks have now passed since the state of alert was decreed throughout Spain. A strict curfew continues to apply on the Easter weekend. 

The government had already announced an extension of the state of alert, which is valid until 12/04/2020. Yesterday, after an 11-hour session, the Spanish parliament decided to grant the government a further extension of the state of alert until the 26/04/2020. In the very controversial debate, and the subsequent vote, it became even clearer than before that the government can no longer make policy without the votes of the opposition. In particular, the package of economic measures adopted by the government was ultimately adopted with more abstentions than votes in favour.

Nobody knows yet which regulations will apply to Spanish citizens from next Easter Monday onwards. 

It seems certain that the closing down of companies classified as “not systemically relevant” will be lifted. After various legal experts have pointed out that this constitutes a serious interference with entrepreneurial freedom and therefore is unconstitutional, the government had to act on this point. In the course of the weekend it will be announced which rules will apply to citizens as of Monday. 

State of alert until summer 

Further prolongations of the state of alert in Spain by 2 weeks until the summer have already been announced by President Pedro Sanchez as indispensable for a gradual return to some degree of "normality ". 

As a real estate agency in Mallorca we are of course particularly interested in how the situation is evloving on the Balearic Islands. As long as the state of alert applies, the autonomous regions of Spain are deprived of many decision-making powers. When and how the government in Palma de Mallorca can assert itself with special regulations for the autonomous region of the Balearic Islands, is not yet certain.

With an official total of 1488 persons infected until today and stagnating numbers of new infections, many inhabitants of the Balearic Islands start to feel that is disproportionate to remain under house arrest.

In Mallorca, as in the rest of Spain, the increased state of alert continues to apply. The medical care and the supply with food and things of daily need works smoothly. For the children who have been taught at home so far, the Easter holidays are just beginning. All those who at least have access to a garden can consider themselves lucky. The hectic measures issued by the central government 3 weeks ago are increasingly questioned by the population. The next session of the Spanish parliament is eagerly awaited, which should take place in the course of next week.

Tightening up the rules already in force has further reduced the ability of companies to operate. This increase in measures will initially apply until the 9th of April 2020. Furthermore, people will only be allowed to leave the house to buy food or to visit doctors and pharmacies. Banks, lawyers, Gestorias and notaries can continue to work largely normally. However, all companies that are not classified as systemically relevant must largely cease their activities. Compliance with these rules is now being monitored more closely by the police and the military. In Mallorca, the ports and the airport are closed in principle.

As part of the state of alert imposed throughout Spain, a curfew is now in force throughout the country. Excluded are the ways to work, supermarket, pharmacy, doctor, gas station and bank. Walks or outdoor sports are prohibited. Only those who have a dog are allowed to take short walks outside alone with the dog. Schools and kindergartens are closed. All companies have been instructed to allow employees to work from home if possible.