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Are you thinking about buying a hotel in Mallorca? - Investing in the most sought-after destination in the Mediterranean!

Discover our selection of hotels in Mallorca here. With our carefully selected collection of finca hotels & boutique hotels on the largest of the Balearic Islands, we offer you all the important information from a single source. Whether you are looking for a romantic finca hotel in the Tramuntana, a country hotel near the coast, or an authentic guest house in one of Mallorca's typical villages. Here we offer you an up-to-date overview of small hotels and guest houses for sale in Mallorca.

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The purchase of a boutique hotel or guest house on Mallorca offers promising options. The selection of hotels for sale on Mallorca is extremely diverse, as the finca hotels in particular are very individually furnished. The hotel industry on the island is changing. There is a fundamental shift towards more quality and individuality. Upscale individual tourism with 4* or 5* stars and comprehensive amenities is booming. Many historic buildings in Palma, but also in the countryside, have already been converted into exclusive boutique hotels with a first-class ambience. Finca tourism in the interior of the island and the Tramuntana has also become increasingly popular with an international target group.

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Would you like to sell your hotel in Mallorca and are looking for professional support? As affiliate of CHRISTIE'S INTERNATIONAL REAL ESTATE on Mallorca, we also reach the many non-European prospective buyers.  LUXURY ESTATES MALLORCA ® is the partner you should talk to if you are thinking about selling your hotel in Mallorca! We look forward to hearing from you!


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Guide to buying a hostel or hotel

Even if you don't immediately find your dream hotel in our portfolio, you should talk to us! Many hotel operators avoid openly marketing their business for good reason. Hotel staff and guests are quickly unsettled when the hotel is openly offered for sale. We know the market and know how to categorise your specific search criteria. We actively search for the right property for you by drawing on our extensive network that we have built up over many years in Mallorca.

Country hotels in Mallorca - Sustainable tourism

Hotels & guesthouses with a family connection

Small, family-run hotels on Mallorca are in ever-increasing demand. These types of boutique hotels are very popular for relaxing short holidays on Mallorca due to their often very private location in the middle of extensive country estates. We offer these country hotels for lease or purchase. We support you with the financing, purchase transaction or, of course, the sale of your family hotel on Mallorca.

Finca hotels for individualists

Finca hotels for individualists

In addition to traditional hotels, smaller guesthouses (bed & breakfasts) are also becoming increasingly popular on Mallorca. Finca tourism is booming. Many operators are consciously focussing on a family environment and offer their guests the opportunity to interact with family, staff and, of course, the beautiful natural surroundings. Become a host in your own finca hotel on Mallorca! The advantages of "agrotourism" in a rural hotel on Mallorca are obvious. For many holidaymakers today, the connection to nature is paramount. Sustainability is in demand. The rising trend of individual agrotourism on Mallorca offers excellent prospects for returns in a highly sought-after business environment in tourism on Mallorca.

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